Sharing your story | What to expect

Mirroring your light is both magical and practical. It is an organic process grounded in our collective experience with creativity, intuition, improvisation and collaboration. Having experienced the life-affirming glow of this process for ourselves, our passion is to share it with others.

"I love hearing people's stories and seeing what lights them."

Lara Theron

Each process of mirroring is personalized, and arises out of close collaboration with you. We create a space in which heart-felt expression, authentic storytelling and deep personal appreciation can take place. A space in which you can reveal your essence and share your highest values without expectation or judgement.

We believe everyone deserves to shine.

As artists and attractors, we choose to work from a place of inner guidance. We trust our intuition to guide us in choosing the right creative processes for an individual unveiling, and aligning these with our collective rhythms and intentions.

A combination of creative processes and prompts may be used in a process of unveiling, including:

    • spontaneous storytelling,
    • one-on-one discussions (in person or via video chat);
    • structured interviews (verbal or in writing);
    • creative improvisations;
    • impromptu activities;
    • curation of personal photos, journals or other documentation.

Some activities are done alone, in an individual’s own time and space. Others require facilitation and collective sharing. Our intuitive attractor, Lara, is our chosen facilitator to guide you through these shared activities.

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Lara may work alone, or require the support of a videographer and  translator. We prefer for most of these activities to be done in the comfort of an individual’s own home. Suitable times and dates are always negotiated beforehand. If in-house visits are not possible, for any reason, the process can still unfold via video chat and other communication platforms.

We may also conduct interviews with friends and family members, depending on their availability and willingness to part of the process. The inclusion of others in an individual unveiling of light is optional.

An unveiling is a personal journey of celebration & affirmation.

We will receive, acknowledge and appreciate your light as it finds expression through the unique life stories you share.

I felt like magic during the whole process. It's really nice to be appreciated and shown a genuine interest. Somebody else's reflection of you is more appreciative than your own reflection of yourself.


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Are you ready to share your magic? We would love to hear from you.

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