Sharing your story of light | What to expect

Does 'catching your light' sound like an impossible task?

For us, catching light is both magical and practical. It is an intricate process grounded in our personal experience of using meditation, mindfulness, creativity, art and collaboration to unveil and reflect our own essence as beings of light. Having experienced the life-affirming glow of this process for ourselves, we feel inspired to share it with others.

Each process of unveiling is designed to suit your individual needs, to offer a space to engage in personal dialogue and allow a deep appreciation to take place.

As a collaborative of artists and attractors, we trust our intuition to know which activities to use when, and how best to align all of the processes with our shared rhythms and intentions.

We choose to work from a place of creativity, inner guidance and empathy,  opening up the space, time and attention needed for a refined individual unveiling of light to unfold.

We use a combination of creative processes & prompts in collaboration with you:

    • discussions and interviews;
    • creative activities;
    • spontaneous storytelling;
    • impromptu chats;
    • curation of photo albums & journals.

Some activities are for you to do alone, in your own time and space. Others require our presence. Our intuitive attractor, Lara, is our chosen facilitator to guide and support you in person to reveal your story of light.

Throughout your journey of celebration & affirmation,

we will LISTEN…ACKNOWLEDGE…APPRECIATE…and MIRROR your light as it finds unique expression through the stories you share.

I felt like magic during the whole process. It's really nice to be appreciated and shown a genuine interest. You see somebody else's reflection of you which is more appreciative than your own reflection of yourself.


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We invite you to see yourself in a new appreciative light. By the end of the process, your essence will be reflected and your light celebrated in a myriad of mirrors that are open and empathic. And you will be gifted with one or more artistic products celebrating your light that you can cherish and share with your loved ones for generations to come.

Do you feel ready to share your story with us? We are waiting to celebrate your light.

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