Mandalas are vivid images that mirror a  balance of universal energies.

MirrorMirror has been generously gifted with a collection of intuitively painted mandalas to support your individual process of meditation, healing and self-reflection.

Purple snowflakes on a dark background

Each mandala captures a unique array of vibrational patterns.

Each one invites you to shine your light in a gentle and empowering way.

Share in the magic of our mandalas

How does it work?
  1. Choose an amount (in Euros) that you feel comfortable with, and able to share freely, by sending an email to Lara.
  2. In return, you will receive a mandala chosen by Lara perfectly suited to your individual process of healing and self-reflection.
  3. Your mandala will be sent with a unique password-protected link so that you may securely view and download it in a time and space that is comfortable.
  4. Your generous donation will be shared with the artist to support the ongoing creation of these incredible artworks which form part of his life’s work.
  5. We have chosen this process of sharing because each donation we receive supports the healing of those to follow. This is how we choose to magnify the presence of your light in the world at this time.

To start your process of light healing, connect with Lara.