Reflecting your light | Leave a legacy

There is more to each of us than first meets the eye.

Imagine leaving a legacy of someone you love mirrored through the vibrancy of color, the power of symbol, the beauty of poetry.

Imagine gifting them with an artistic portrait like no other. One that reflects their energy and essence – the vitality of their being – for generations to come.

You imagine. We mirror.

As a collaboration of mindful artists and intuitive attractors, we are able to mirror your light in the following ways:

We will weave your personal story into an artwork that captures your light

A LightCatcher is delivered as a digital painting, and can be printed onto a myriad of surfaces (canvas, aluminium, vinyl, PVC board) for home display or sharing with loved ones.



…in which the energetic vibrations that inspire and support an individual, are mirrored in the colors and forms of a handpainted digital artwork.


Tale in Motion

…in which memorable moments and significant events of a person’s life are captured in a dynamic video tale that unfolds through a collage of image, sound & text.

A Tale in Motion in which memorable moments and significant life events are captured in dynamic image, text and sound.

A Tale in Motion is a moving portrait that combines voice-overs from a series of interviews we conduct with a person, music, personal photos, and intimate reflections from family members.

A Personal Myth is delivered as a digital flipbook accessible through a private link on our site. It can be shared with others through this link, downloaded in a suitable format, or we can assist you to have it published as a book.

Personal Myth

…in which a person’s life story is interpreted through a mythical tale and they feature as the hero or heroine, supported by characters representing family & friends.

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Do you feel ready to leave a legacy of your light?

Lara would love to connect with you in person and share more about unveiling and reflecting your story of light. Click on the icon below to send a text message or chat to her on Telegram.

This will be very special for anyone in life. Going through the process is a nice memory to have and to leave behind.