Reflecting your light

Invest in yourself for generations to come.

Leave a legacy of your light mirrored in one or more of these creative pieces.

We will weave your personal story into an artwork that captures your light


…in which the energetic vibration that inspires & supports your unique expression is reflected in color & light with a digital artwork.

Tale in Motion

…in which memorable moments and significant events of your life are captured in a dynamic video tale of image, sound & text.

A Tale in Motion in which memorable moments and significant life events are captured in dynamic image, text and sound.

Portrait of Essence

…in which your innate qualities, inner wisdom & intrinsic gifts are appreciated in a descriptive & affirming word portrayal. 

Personal Myth

…in which you become the lead character in a mythical tale supported by characters representing your parents, siblings, partners, children, friends & colleagues.

Epic Poem

…in which your ancestry, unique character and extraordinary life role are celebrated and depicted in poetic verse.

Do you feel ready to leave a legacy of your light?

Lara would love to connect with you in person and share more about unveiling and reflecting your story of light. Send a text message or chat to her on Telegram.

This will be very special for anyone in life. Going through the process is a nice memory to have and to leave behind.