Lara Theron

Intuitive Attractor
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An energetic representation of Lightworker Lara Theron

I love the way I see the world. I see the world as enlightened and that is a reflection of me. That is me glowing.

Lara's Portrait of Essence

Love and magic are two words that Lara uses easily and often. For her, love is an expression of our highest human value. “I feel that love is our highest vibration. Everything is based on how we love, when we love, and how often we love.”

Her love of people from all walks of life is apparent in her diversity of friendships, partnerships, and collaborations that extend across boundaries of time and space.

Lara’s gift is her ability to see the magic that resides within everyone, and to reveal and reflect this back to them.

Mirroring is part of my consciousness, it’s just what I do. I am constantly a mirror and being mirrored by the people and spaces I value. I see my mirroring as moments of evolution.

As a young adult, Lara started realizing that what she was doing in her life was not working for her. She began to ask: “What am I comfortable with?” This allowed her to tune in to what was important, let go of certain limiting beliefs and open the way for a change in frequency.

When you are living a busy life, full of fear and expectation, there is a lot of monkey-chatter that goes on in your head…Getting my mind to quieten down felt like I made a shift from my head to my heart.

Her desire to manifest a heartspace from which to conduct her life’s work led to the founding of MirrorMirror in 2020. By continually being courageous enough to shine their own light, the collaborators in MirrorMirror support others to reveal and reflect their light.

Shining your light takes bravery. Because then you are open, then you are elated, then you are loving, then you are non-judgmental.

For Lara, fear a small word that carries so much weight. She perceives fear as a lower vibration that does not allow us to operate at our full potential, an easy go-to to escape from having to be who we really are.

To raise your vibration means to become more of the light that is your essence.

Every morning, Lara spends some time connecting to her higher self and allowing things to flow through, or to, her. “I realize it has become a way of being for me to be in a receiving mode, of anticipating a download from myself.”

Lara loves meeting new people and immersing herself in community – and she chooses to trust everyone she meets. Trust then is not something to be earned. Lara believes that in the act of trusting others, she empowers them to be trustworthy.

Trust has everything to do with my relationship with myself. It is a feeling of knowingness that everything is perfect, and nothing is there to work against you.

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