The mystery and magic of light

How do I shine my light?

What does it mean to look in the mirror?

How do I write my own story?

How do I tell my story?

Who will listen to my story?

How do I know if I have a light?

How do I see my light?

How do I know if I have magic?

How do I find myself?

How do I know when its time to look a little deeper?

We have spent time unveiling and mirroring our own light and feel inspired to do the same for others

When inspiration eludes you, when the next step seem obscure…pause. Let go. The past has served and cannot enter the future.

We cannot find the future, rather it finds us, because the creative outpouring of existence never stops. The road of existence will rise to meet you, even when you stand still. Nothing to force, then. 

When inspiration seems like it cannot be found, surrender, allow it to find you. Not knowing ‘what next’ is an opportunity for undiscovered and dormant aspects of your being to emerge. Only in surrender to the unknown can this ever happen. And it cannot be forced or manipulated, only allowed.