Join us in our celebration of light

Now is the time to come together in new ways. To appreciate each other for who we truly are. To provide companionship in shared endeavour, and to reach beyond what we individually feel capable of. Now is the time to connect honestly and openly, to mirror our true intentions.

It is time to dreamweave as One.

Archive of light

What is the Archive of Light?

The Archive of Light is a celebration of the essence of being that resides within each and every one of us, and connects us through love.

It is part gallery and part library, an evolving repository of creative reflections that mirror the magic shining through the daily human experience of us all.

What purpose does the Archive serve?

The Archive of Light is a growing virtual installation for the enjoyment and appreciation of everybody at any time. Each entry we add represents the magic of an individual human being as it is expressed through our artistic mirrors of a LightCatcher, a Portrait of Essence and an audio interview.

More than that, the Archive is a gathering place, a new way of sharing and receiving positive affirmations, of individuals from all walks of life coming together with the conscious intention of expanding their collective lightness of being.

Each human being is so much more than first meets the eye.

Who would you recommend to be part of our Archive? Click here to personally invite them to participate. Letting them know you see their light is one of the most valued mirrors they will ever experience.