Do you

need to see

what makes you


Are you at a time in your life that calls for a commemoration of your story of light?

Would you like to gift your parents or grandparents with an artistic creation to mirror their light for generations to come?

Have you ever wanted to celebrate and honor the significant life events of your friends and family members?

Let us be your attentive audience

We are a collaborative of visual storytellers, digital artists and intuitive attractors inspired to unveil and reflect your story of light.

We see, hear and appreciate the essence of your light as it is expressed through the stories you share – and mirror this in creative pieces.

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We feel inspired to weave your personal magic into images, words, sounds and symbols that will last for generations, and that you can share with whomever you choose whenever you please.


Choose to journey

Share your story

Reflect your light

Why Us?

As individuals, we have spent time unveiling and mirroring our own light. We have a deep appreciation for how unique, beautiful and intrinsically valuable each human being is. And we love that each of us has a unique story to tell. Our own story of light has brought us together as collaborators for this purpose across continents and time zones.

If you are ready to shine your light, or know of someone that is, we would love to connect.

A short story about the platforms and apps we have chosen to use

The world around us if full of mirrors that can influence how we see ourselves, how we feel about ourselves. These mirrors are the people, places, environments and processes that we interact with on a daily basis. They also include the technology and products we use.

We have chosen to work with those mirrors that inspire and uplift us, illuminating our values as individuals and a working collaborative.

We wholeheartedly support the right to privacy of businesses & individuals around the world.

We have done our research and chosen apps, platforms and processes based on these intentions. Some of our choices may be new or unknown to you. If you would like to learn more, we are open to sharing what we know and trust.