Everyone deserves a mirror to reflect their special light.

Whether you are ready to share your own life story...

...or commemorate the life stories of your loved ones...

...or shine a light on the significant life events of someone you know...

Let us be your mirror

As a collaborative that includes a visual storyteller, metascape artist and intuitive attractor, we shine best when given the chance to mirror your light as it is expressed through the stories you share.

Your light mirrors your magic. It is a reflection of your essence, a lightness of being that originates in non-physical dimensions accessed energetically through feeling, form, colour, and vibration.

When you have the courage to share your truthful essence, it invites those around you to do the same. In this way, everyone’s light is amplified and mirrored. Our offering is to honour and support this process of sharing and shining.

We use art and creative processes to mirror what makes you special. These mirrors hold the power to spread your light magic for generations to come. 

Share your story

shine your light

Crystal ball held in hand reflecting sunrise through trees

Why Us?

We are a collaborative of who have been drawn together, across continents and time zones, in our search to give expression to our own light beings. Each of us has spent time discovering our own essence, and finding meaningful ways to share who we are, and what we love to do, with others.

We deeply acknowledge how intrinsically valuable and perfectly unique each human being is. We know that each human being has a unique language by which their light can be revealed and shared. It is through expressing our own languages of light, as artists and creatives, that we offer this mirroring to others.

If you are ready to share and shine your light, we would love to hear from you.

Connect with us on any of our chosen channels of communication.

Our story about the platforms and apps we use

Some mirrors in the world reflect our light in ways that make us feel uncomfortable or imbalanced. These mirrors include the people, places, products and technologies that we interact with on a daily basis.

It is every individual’s right to find and choose the mirrors that inspire, uplift and enlighten them.

We have chosen certain platforms and processes to share, promote and deliver our offerings because we trust these to best illuminate our personal and collective values. Some of our choices may be unfamiliar, or less popular than others. But we trust these to be aligned with our own, and our customer’s, rights to privacy and protection. If you would like to learn more about our choices, we are open to sharing what we know and trust.